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Amazing residential areas in South London

People unjustly underestimate the beauty and life style of South London, as the area is not as famous and flamboyant at its northern counterpart. The truth however, is that the sub-region has plenty to offer to its residents and this is why, we have decided to turn your attention towards several of the finest neighbourhoods in South London.


Belvedere is a town that lies in the Borough of Bexley. It has an estimate population of 12.000 people and is considered by many to be one of the greenest areas in South London. The district is home to Bexley College, which is one of the borough’s most acclaimed education facilities. The building that houses the college was designed by W. Egerton in the Queen Anne architectural style and dates back to 1906. Belvedere is also the location of several well-known religious edifices such as the Sikh Temple of Guru Nanak Darbar, the Free Grace Baptist Church, the Belvedere Congregational Church and All Saint’s Church.

Crystal Palace

Situated at about eight miles from the junction of Charing Cross, Crystal Palace is one of South London’s most popular districts. It is the location of numerous well-known landmarks such as:

·         Crystal Palace Triangle

·         Westow Park

·         Saint Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church

·         Stambourne Woods

·         Crystal Palace Park

The area is also home to a number of primary and secondary schools, including the prolific Harris City Academy. Crystal Palace is served by its own railway station, which allows it residents to easily reach any part of the English capital. The rail link was established during the mid-19th century and presently provides transportation services to over four million people annually.


Croydon is one of the most populous areas in South London. It is the principal district of the eponymous Borough of Croydon and is home to a population of over 170.000. The area has a rich cultural background and is the location to several prominent art galleries, music halls and performance venues. Fairfield Halls is indisputably the most notable arts and entertainment venue in Croydon. It was founded in 1962 and designed by Robert Atkinson and Partners. The halls are also used a conference centre. As of date, the venue’s concert hall houses one of the largest cinema screens in South London. The district contains a number of parklands and schools, which only add to the high quality of life that the area offers to its residents.


South London may not be as vibrant and lively as North London but it is the location of one of the capital’s most beautiful and picturesque neighbourhoods, Greenwich. The area is home to Maritime Greenwich, which is one of the four sites in London that are classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is also the location of the Royal Observatory, which is the oldest facility of its kind in the United Kingdom. The observatory was established in 1675 by the order of King Charles II while it site was chosen by Sir Christopher Wren. Aside of the majestic buildings and green spaces, Greenwich is an educational centre and is home to the main campus of the University of Greenwich, one of the most acclaimed higher education establishments in Britain.

Kingston upon Thames

The district of Kingston upon Thames has strong ties with England’s history, as it is the ancient market town in which Saxon kings were crowned. It is located in the southwestern parts of the city in the eponymous Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. The area has a population of approximately 43.000 people and is known throughout the capital for its fascinating architecture. Kingston upon Thames contains a number of old residential houses, which can be easily maintained in proper condition with the help of the comprehensive services of Goodman Handyman in South London. The district was one of the few places in the city that hosted events from the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.


Brixton is one of the South London’s most culturally diverse areas. It is home to a population of about 78.500 people. The district contains several religious buildings, including the Brixton Synagogue and the Brixton Mosque. St. Matthew’s Church is arguably the most notable church in the neighbourhood and a testament to this is the fact that the edifice is identified as a Grade II* structure. Brixton features several grand Victorian houses, of which some date back to the first half of the 19th century. The area is also the location of the Brixton Market and the Brixton Murals, which depict political and community ideas.


Situated in the Borough of Lewisham, Catford has an estimate population of 15.000 people. The area is home to several prominent educational facilities and parklands, which is why it is a highly desirable neighbourhood among young parents. Throughout the years, numerous notable people such as Frank Pullen, Andy McNab, Sir Henry Cooper, Alexander McQueen, Robin Trower, Jem Karacan and more have lived in Catford. The district is connected to the other parts of London by its own railway station. The rail link was established in 1892 and sits on the Thameslink Line from the National Rail network. Over 1.2 million people use the station on an annual basis.


Richmond is arguably the greenest neighbourhood in South London. The area is part of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and lies at about eight miles from Charing Cross. The last census shows that the district has a population of approximately 21.500 people. The area is the location of some of Britain’s most beautiful parklands, including Richmond Park. The green space was created as a deer park by King Charles I during the 17th century. Today, the park spreads over 856 hectares of land and is recognised as a National Nature Reserve and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Richmond is also home to several entertainment venues, museums and galleries that attract both domestic and international visitors. Richmond University is positively the most renowned educational institution in the district. 

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